Big Wave mosaic...........enjoy!

giant WAVE glass mosaic -- this looks like work by Carolyn Wagner or Ariel Shoemaker -- If you know the artist, would you let me know so I can CREDIT this?

I LOVE stained glass. This spiral is breathtaking.

This magnificent stained glass spiral is called The Glory Window. It forms the ceiling of the Chapel of Thanks-Giving in Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas. It is designed by Gabriel Loire of Chartres, France

Ariel Shoemaker

A commissioned mosaic piece . custom mosaic wall art by Ariel Shoemaker. It looks like there could be dichroic glass, especially at the bottom.

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White basket

White basket

Многослойный цветок Канзаши / Вариант сборки, МК / DIY Layered Kanzashi Flower - YouTube

Резинки канзаши, МК / DIY Scrunchy with Kanzashi flower / Black & White Ribbon Flowers