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Spiral Tree Rain Barrel by ~EpicPseudonym on deviantART

(link) RAIN BARREL PAINTING INSPIRATION ~ Painted rain barrel ~ Use spray paint formulated for plastic like Krylon's Fusion for Plastic or Rust-oleum's Plastic Primer as a base and outdoor acrylic paints for the decorative painting.

rain barrel for by the house so we don't have to pay to water the flowers on the back porch.  Smart.

Love my rain barrels may get more! Really great idea for saving water! Rain water is better to water flower beds with, so this is an awesome idea. I saw this on a show not too long ago. You can hook up your hose and water your garden too.

Let rain barrels serve as a new addition to your backyard, offering you the ability to to use nature's abundance of rain to your advantage.

MAKE IT AN ART PROJECT! DIY Rain Barrel Art A perfect DIY project for your garden. Save your money and take care of the environment too by harvesting water in a rain barrel. But not any rain barrel, do it in a painted, absolutely fabulous looking one.