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an empty room with three doors and no one in it
Making an entrance at Wimpole Street
Dress in business suit, and when people hop in an elevator, say "You're probably wondering why I've gathered you all here today." Done it before, just not in suit.
the interior of an office building with many wooden stairs and benches lined up against the wall
Timber planks | March Studio - Arch2
Timber planks | March Studio
the inside of a house with wood floors and stairs leading up to an outside area
Galería de Cinco Casas / Fernando Weber - 13
Cinco Casas,© Rafael Gamo
an office filled with people working on computers
Ogilvy Group UK Headquarters - London | Office Snapshots
a person standing at the front desk of a modern office building with large windows and concrete columns
The Parker Foundation Offices - San Francisco | Office Snapshots
an empty room with benches and glass walls
Gallery of AGO Office HQ / Steven Vandenborre architects - 15
AGO Office HQ,© Tim Van de Velde
three people sitting at desks in an office with red chairs and laptops on them
NeoCon 2015 Product Preview: Office Furniture - Interior Design
NeoCon 2015 Product Preview: Office Furniture
people sitting at tables in an office with large glass doors on the walls and wooden floors
WeWork - London Coworking Offices | Office Snapshots
Co-working sharable office spaces defined by variety of pendant lighting solutions. wework-london-office-design-4
an empty conference room with black chairs and white table in front of large sign that says innovation
RD Construction Offices - Moscow | Office Snapshots
an office with a phone on the wall
Macrokiosk - Kuala Lumpur Offices | Office Snapshots
macrokiosk office design
an office lobby with a large white reception desk
F88-Gplay Group Offices - Hanoi | Office Snapshots
How would you like to walk in to this at the office each day?
an office filled with lots of plants and people working at desks in the background
Studio Aa transforms Amsterdam boiler house into office space
Studio Aa has converted a former boiler house in south Amsterdam to create a contemporary office space.
an office with glass walls and black chairs
maybe the ceiling with the downlights.i also really like the walls and how they look...can ons do it not to costly.walls also really cool so if can do look cheaper
an office with glass walls and white floors
Decom - Venray Offices | Office Snapshots
Small meeting room, great for short meeting. Using glass is great for not having people coming in, because you can see is occupied.