Printable Reindeer Paper Puppet Craft. Fun Christmas craft idea for kids to make.

Printable Reindeer Paper Puppet

28 DIY Christmas Ornaments

28 DIY Christmas Ornaments

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Winterzeit - Marta Szabo - Bouncy Winter Snowmen - no instructions but looks like made from polystyrene balls, pipe cleaners and card. Not sure what the red nose is made from

DIY Ornaments Paper

58 DIY Christmas Ornaments

"silver star ornament: cut thin strips of newspaper or from a book page. (Or cut a toilet paper roll) Loop each strip until you have enough to form a circle; hot-glue together in the center. Add glittery chipboard stars in the middle for subtle shine.

Новогодние украшения из снежинок

Новый год

Paper moons and plastic snowflakes with tinsel layered between two to create dimension.