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people walking up the side of a mountain with mountains in the backgrouds
pico do arieiro
Parque Natural do Ribeiro Frio, Madeira
fireworks are lit up in the night sky above a body of water with hills and buildings behind it
New year's eve in Funchal
an aerial view of the ocean and mountains with houses on each side in the foreground
the mountains are covered in lush green vegetation and houses on each side, as well as some trees
people are walking up and down the stairs in front of buildings with steeples on them
cars are driving over a bridge in the mountains
the building has many windows and balconies on it's sides, along with a street sign
Início - Funchal
Instituto Vinho BAM
an empty street lined with colorful buildings and potted plants on the side of it
zona velha funchal
the doors are painted with different designs on them
zona velha funchal
a building with blue and white designs on the side of it's front door
zona velha funchal
a small river running through a narrow alley way with flowers growing on the side of it
zona velha funchal
two people are sitting on a blanket in front of a lake and palm trees, with the city behind them
santa catarina park funchal madeira
a palm tree sitting next to a pond in a lush green park filled with lots of trees
santa catarina park funchal madeira