Easy Silhouette Wall Art -- Could do this on a white canvas, too!

Fun and Easy Silhouette DIY Wall Art. I would do it on a solid color though instead of wood grain being in the silhouette.

drawing lessons

drawing lessons elementary art lesson how to draw facial features sketchbook assignments

Good to know

Learn how to tie a tie, fold a pocket square, tie a Trinity knot, tie an Eldredge knot, and more! You will find ways to tie a tie and other necktie knot.

creative letter paper cutting butterfly

creative letter paper cutting butterfly - I am not sure if this one is free, but a good idea at any rate!

draw Lego Feelings Art Ed Central

Feelings expressed through Lego heads, could be useful for engaging i treat in work on feelings.

Smiley face emotions: Students pick an emotion and list five verb phrases that exemplify the selected emotion

Feeling faces are great for little ones that have a hard time finding the right word to describe their emotions. It works great with a feeling journal to help them learn what the feeling is and what the facial features might be in each situation.

I hate to say this will be useful, but it will be...  *✰‿✰*⌒*✰‿✰*  readingwolfminda....  ✰*⌒*✰‿✰✰*⌒*✰‿✰*⌒*✰‿✰*✰*

I used to have this memorized and would take notes in school in it. Not hobbits runes. They are dwarvish.