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a white cat sitting on top of a red ball of yarn with the words chathausser wolle
Schaffhauser Wolle Ad
an orange and white cat sitting next to a skein of yarn on a blue background
an old poster with a white goat and pink bow on it's head
Mad Men and Crazy Critters - Wool & Yarn
Animalarium: Mad Men and Crazy Critters - Wool & Yarn
an advertisement for schaffhausener wolle with a boy on a boat
Müller Johann Emil - Schaffhauser Wolle
Müller Johann Emil - Schaffhauser Wolle,vintage wool yarn advert,1941
a sheep laying on top of hay in a pen
four plaid blankets stacked on top of each other in different colors and patterns, all folded neatly
Fall fabulosity and my first contest ever! - The Enchanted Home
a pile of different colored blankets sitting on top of each other
Een plaid van lamswol | Mooie kwaliteit | Warm en zacht
an old woman sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a spinning wheel in a building
an old fashioned spinning wheel sits in front of a window on a wooden table with wool
a man standing on a ladder next to sheep in a building filled with white wool
Wool storage
Wool storage | by annakeee
three different types of wool are on the floor
Processing Raw Fleece
Apart from actually shearing a sheep or wooly animal (hopefully I will get to do this someday), I have officially worked through the entire fleece to yarn process! Recently I was given a bag of raw…
Lovely simple lines - and the pocket detail is Couture, Vintage Fashion, Vintage Coat, 1940s Fashion, American Fashion Designers, Colette Patterns, Clothes Design, Cape
Lovely simple lines - and the pocket detail is
an image of a diagram of the structure of a wool fiber structure and its properties
Wool fibre properties
Wool fibre properties — Science Learning Hub