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a man's arm with a clock tattoo on it and ink splatters
100 Awesome Watch Tattoo Designs | Art and Design
tic tat.
a drawing of a feather with feathers on it
I love everything about this for a tattoo. I would want this to start at the middle of my arm and move upward wrapping around my shoulder from back to front. #2
a drawing of a clock with butterflies on it
Rory Dobner | Rory Dobner Intricate Inks - homeware and original artwork
Time Flies | Rory Dobner.....would be an amazing tattoo...
an image of colorful flowers and leaves on a white background with the word joy written in it
Polish Folk Art Flowers Postcard
Polish Folk Art Flowers Postcard by itsallgroovy1, via Flickr
two different tattoos on the arms and arm
Chaim Machlev's black geometric tattoos - KoiKoiKoi
Chaim Machlev's black geometric tattoos. Love this. Would like something like it wrapping around my wrist.
a drawing of a clock and roses on a sheet of paper with a pen next to it
Tattoo Inspiration
"Alice in Wonderland" <--gives me an idea... flowery thigh tattoo, but AIW themed
a woman's foot with a tattoo on it and a feather hanging from the ankle
Foot tattoo
a black and white drawing of a feather
very pretty