Redwood Path, Muir Woods, California

Redwood Path, Muir Woods, California I love this place, I could be here for hours just watching the sunlight pass through the trees

Was it only a myth, dream, legend?

Minus the deer. ** A place where the deer roamed as if always waiting for something to happen and the birds would fly from tree to tree, hoping to not be seen.

^A Tornado in Front of a Rainbow Lamar - Colorado

It's like the sky is playing the "I'm not touching you" game with the earth A Tornado in Front of a Rainbow Lamar ~ Colorado©


[Mount Ararat Eruption, Turkey] Mount Ararat is a snow-capped and dormant compound volcano in the eastern extremity of Turkey. It consists of two major volcanic cones: Greater Ararat, the highest peak in Turkey and the Armenian plateau

Photography of nature that reminds us to keep it simple. Nature is amazing at reminding of how life moves effortlessly.

Forest spirit., Yonathan Saura on ArtStation at

Animation, Concept Art, Models Sheets, etc. usuarios online All works published…


Moon and clouds bridge to heaven prophetic art (Road to space by Max Mitenkov).


The awesome power of this tornado, just south of Parker Colorado, is evident by the amount of earth being consumed in its vortex. Despite this power, Mother Nature was just putting on a spectacular show; only a single tree was damaged. By Zachary Caron

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Intrinsic Nature Released Their 13th Experiment: 54 Artworks From 73 International Artists

Going to the Sun Highway - Jason Savage Photography

Going to the Sun road, Glacier National Park, Montana Road is named appropriately; you truly feel like you're going to the sun.

Earth Pics | Perfect Reflection, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Earth Pics on

Trillium Lake with Mt. Hood in the background. Love this place! Oregon has amazing lakes.