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How do ya'll think I fell in love with my husband???

I don't call things beautiful until I have seen their inner depths. I look for the goodness of a soul before I can judge them as beautiful or not. Mere appearances have no bearing.

man, that's exactly what i say to my teachers 100% of the time. i did, in fact, do the fucking homework, but i forgot to take it WITH me

Me all the time in school, did i do the homework? asking questions and in a panicked state while acting calm and flipping people off behind their backs.

Worst thing you could say

Leo and this is so fucking true. Someone said this to me once and it literally shred my heart and tore me open. I couldn't speak and he nearly started to cry because of the look on my face he later described as "broken"

PERFECT !!!!!  This is exactly what I imagine in a ring !!!!

Oooooooh I really love this! It probably should be a smaller diamond to decrease the cost. Love the gold and patterned band