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the book cover for when the moon hatched by sarah a parker is shown
When the Moon Hatched: A Novel (The Moonfall Series, 1): Parker, Sarah A.: 9780063415843: Books
the book cover for forest of dreams and whispers
Forest of Dreams and Whispers: A Sleeping Beauty Retelling
the cover for crimson skies by jaynn eve
Crimson Skies (Fallen Fae Gods Book 2) Crimson Skies (Fallen Fae Gods Book 2) eBook : Eve, Jaymin: Kindle Store
the book cover for lightmark by alex aster, with an image of flowers in a vase
Lightlark (The Lightlark Saga Book 1)
"Embark on an illuminating journey with 'Lightlark' - the captivating first book in The Lightlark Saga! 📖✨ Dive into a world where light holds the key to power and discover the thrilling tale that awaits within its pages. Join the adventure now! #Lightlark #BookLovers #FantasyReads"
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New fantasy series @authorsmgaither
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the darkness within us by tricia levieslier book cover with pink background
The Darkness Within Us- special edition
Chrysantha Stathos has won. By hiding her intelligence and ambition behind the mask of a beautiful air-headed girl, she has become a wealthy duchess. And, once her elderly husband dies, she will have all the freedom, money, and safety she’s ever wanted. Or so she thought. A man claiming to be the estranged grandson of Chrysantha’s lecherous late husband has turned up to steal her inheritance. To make matters worse, her little sister is going to be queen and is rubbing it in her face. Chrysantha decides that the only thing to do is upstage Alessandra at her own wedding. And as for this grandson, he has to go. Never mind that he’s extremely handsome and secretive with mysterious powers . . . No, Chrysantha wants Eryx Demos dead, and in the end, a Stathos girl always gets what she wants.
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Twisted Series Age Rating
If you’re planning to get the Twisted Series by Ana Huang for a loved one, it’s best to check this guide for it’s age rating before making your purchase.
King of Wrath (Kings of Sin, 1) Paperback – April 25, 2023 by Ana Huang (Author)#kingofwrath King, York, Wrath, Sins, Romance Series, Contemporary Romances, The Perfect Daughter
King of Wrath
King of Wrath (Kings of Sin, 1) Paperback – April 25, 2023 by Ana Huang (Author)#kingofwrath
three books in the series crescent city by sarahj maas and crescent city
Crescent City Hardcover Box Set: Maas, Sarah J.: 9781639732180: Books
from blood and ash by jennifer l armentrout
Discover an Epic Fantasy World: From Blood and Ash (Blood And Ash Series Book 1)" Description:
Dive into the captivating world of From Blood and Ash, the first installment in the Blood And Ash series! 📚 Embark on an exhilarating journey filled with secrets, romance, and danger. Lose yourself in the gripping tale of Poppy, a maiden hidden behind walls, and Hawke, a mysterious guard sworn to protect her. 🔥 Uncover dark truths, unravel forbidden desires, and experience a fantasy adventure like no other. Click to start reading today! #FromBloodAndAsh #FantasyBooks #MustReads
A Court of Thorns and Roses Paperback Box Set (5 books) Paperback – November 1, 2022
All five of the Court of Thorns and Roses paperbacks in a gorgeous box set perfect for the holiday season. Passionate, violent, sexy and daring ... A true page-turner - USA TODAY on A Court of Thorns and Roses Feyre is a huntress. The skin of a wolf would bring enough gold to feed her sisters for a month. But the life of a magical creature comes at a steep price, and Feyre has just killed the wrong wolf. #SarahJMaas #BookBoxSet #FantasyBooks #MustRead #BookLovers #ACOTARSeries #BookishMagic