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a garden with lots of green plants and trees in the background that says hosta design 101
Hosta Design 101 - Bulb Blog | Gardening Tips and Tricks | Learn Planting Techniques | Bulbs and Perennial Information
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25 Shade-Loving Plants for Where the Sun Don’t Shine
Perfect for areas where sunlight is scarce, these plants thrive in shaded spots and are ideal for gardeners looking to enhance their landscape in low-light conditions. Keep reading to see the list of plants and flowers that don't require too much sun.
some green plants and bushes with the words, 39 hostas for sunny locations
Hostas for Sun: Sun-Tolerant Options For Your Garden
the cover of 21 gorgeous ground cover perennials that love shade
Ground Cover Plants For Shade (Perennials That Keep Weeds Down)
the words 11 bushes to plant under trees
Shade Loving Shrubs: The Best Bushes To Plant Under Trees