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Invernadero sencillo para un jardín verde.
a display case with bottles on it in front of a blue wall and wooden floor
Santa Teresa 1796 POSm
Santa Teresa 1796 POSm on Behance
two young children playing with toys in a play room
Modules et parcours de motricité bébé, crèche, petite enfance - Wesco
an artist's rendering of a tropical resort with stairs leading up to the rooms
Eden Tree Resort in Bali, Indonesia by Milad Eshtiyaghi Studio
In designing the project, an idea has been taken from a tree, which is called an avocado tree in the city of Bali, which has green fruits. If we pay attention to the structure of this tree, we will find that like other trees, it has roots, trunk, branches, leaves and fruits, so that after the roots grows underground so the trunk grows from the ground to the sky, and then the branches grow from the trunk and give leaves, and avocado fruit grows from its branches and from It hangs. #architecture
a small house with steps leading up to it
two people sitting on chairs in front of a small house with thatched roof and doors