Oliver Shanti - Sacral Nirvana

Listen to the piano version of "Aloha Ke Akua" by Nahko Bear & Medicine for the People. Music for a flowing dance. Accompanied by film images of our wondrous earth.

Oliver Shanti - Tai Chi Too - gathering in tara's tea

Music: "Gathering in Tara's Tea" - Album: Tai Chi Too - Composer: Oliver Shanti & Friends

Oliver Shanti - Onon Mweng (Rainbird) HighQuality

Oliver Shanti - Rainbow Way "Irridiscent as a rainbow. A ribbon of peace from the summimts of the Himalaya ('Svayambhu') to the ranges of South Americ.

Oliver Shanti - Memories of Buddha's Love, via YouTube.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo - 24 Minute Chant video, for those people looking to chant for slightly longer periods.

Oliver Shanti - Bodhisattva Child

Oliver Shanti - Bodhisattva Child

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