Vydareny Ivan - Budapest, 1908

♥ Budapest 1908 : There must be a story here. No gentleman with an umbrella would leave a lady to get wet without a reason?

Frozen over Danube, destroyed chain bridge. 1945.

Budapest, in WWII. It will take 4 more years to reopen the Chainbridge. This is just a small slice of the damage done when we were being "freed" by the end of WWII.and handed to the Russians.

Budapest anno

Kilencven éve is káosz volt Budapest útjain ("Ninety years ago it was chaos on the roads of Budapest.

Kossuth Lajos Street, Budapest, Hungary. In: Kincses Kalendárium, 1973. Fotó: Ferenc Berendi. big thx to Gyík-Ember!

In: Kincses Kalendárium, Fotó: Ferenc Berendi

Continental Hotel Budapest

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