This wouldn't be a bad idea if the yellow 'chicks' inside were made from deviled egg yolk.  I'm trying to think of what you could use for the eyes and beak though...

Use your favorite Deviled Egg recipe, with this cute Easter themed twist! Deviled Easter Egg Chicks are a great way to get kids to try Deviled Eggs!

How To Make A Ribbon Wreath

How to make a Christmas Ribbon Wreath.these are the BEST DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas! (How To Make Christmas Ribbon)

Пирог из дрожжевого теста с колбасой «Салфетка» : Выпечка несладкая | Кулинария | Постила


Lucky Chicken Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern | Craft Passion

Lucky Chicken Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern

Quick & easy Chicken Pattern in Pyramid / Tetrahedron shape. Perfect to sew as ornament, pincushion, doorstop, bean bag, potpourri sachet & paper weight. (Diy Crafts To Make)

poule - poussin - coq - hen - chick - point de croix - cross stitch - Blog :

cute n funky chickens - could use as inspiration for applique if not wanting to cross-stitch :) .

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