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mermaholic: “ A timid nixie peaks at us from her lily-padded pond. from the artist, Mikiko Ponczeck, here. Mermaid Drawings, Art Drawings, Mermaid Paintings, Drawings Of Mermaids, Mermaid Artwork, Drawing Sketches, Inspiration Art, Art Inspo, Fantasy Kunst

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mikikoponczeck: “ Progress pics on my instagram. Wanted to draw a creepy nyx for a while~ 6_9 (original post) ”

merman swimming underwater with male human fantasy art character inspiration for fantasy writers Magical Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Sea Creatures, Yuumei Art, Character Inspiration, Character Art, Mermaids And Mermen, Mermaid Art, Male Mermaid

Ooh, a regular human, ehh? It's been a while since I've seen one, and never underwater. I'm surprises you're still alive, seeing as you can't breathe.

Merman possibly brothers and one decided to live on land instead of water. Magical Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Sea Creatures, Fantasy World, Fantasy Art, Character Inspiration, Character Art, Mermaid Man, Mermaids And Mermen

-what if I become a boy who is loved by a sirena? -asked a my son. -Look at me son, You will see what would be-I said delving in my memories

Plus size mermaid with beta fish tails Mermaid Drawings, Mermaid Art, Art Drawings, Fat Mermaid, Mermaid Paintings, Vintage Mermaid, Art And Illustration, Fantasy Kunst, Fantasy Art


sergle: “ (whispers) mermaids mermaids mermaids… 💕 sticker sheet ”

Perfect your animation portfolio with these tips -. - Informations About Perfect your animation portfolio. art decoracion dibujo diy garden indoor painting plants drawing appartement bathroom home decor wood room decor Character Inspiration, Character Art, Animation Portfolio, Pixiv Fantasia, Mermaids And Mermen, Fantasy Mermaids, Mythological Creatures, Mythical Creatures Art, Pretty Art


pardonmewhileipanic: “ fatfreefiddlefaddle: “ pinuparena: “By Aaron Blaise ” how have I never thought of whale mermaids…?? ” how have i never thought of whale/shark/etc mermaids that aren’t human...