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Lol, pretty close!

The special snowflakes who are originally thought of as infjs are truly isfjs. infjs are not as harmless or pushovers in reality.

...once you realize this is what you are it does make things a little easier to understand lol

Infj are so intune with ourselves and our surroundings we are natural empaths even tho we are introverts.

Could be one of my favourite INFJ pins ever!!

Could be one of my favourite INFJ pins ever! I do have a great poker face when I’m mad or disgusted.

Le bandeau, un accessoire qui se décline de mille et une façons, facile à accorder à chacune de ses tenues et avec des dizaines de manières de le porter !

So this is a headscarf tutorial. But I was thinking you could do the same with a vintage scarf, maybe white, maybe a family heirloom. Or a headband in that exact same spot with the same hairstyling, with a veil attached.