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there are many different items in this collage, including wine bottles and other things
DIY Home Decorating
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two women with flower crowns on their heads, one is smiling and the other has her hands to her face
Oh Happy Day!
Floral Happy Birthday Headband DIY
a pink wall mounted jewelry rack with lots of earrings on it
Gardening | ehow
Master Bath: DIY wall unit made from a vintage typeset tray. Awesome. | Spark |
a wall mounted jewelry rack with lots of necklaces and other accessories on the wall
Gardening | ehow
Pegboard lets you customize storage for your needs, from necklaces to… | Spark |
there are many different items hanging on the wall with chains and umbrellas attached to them
Gardening | ehow
This would freak me out every day. | Spark |
a banana hanging from the side of a wall with lots of key chains attached to it
Gardening | ehow
Hangers were invented to hang things. | Spark |
Felt headband Sewing, Diy Headband, Hair Bows, Baby Headbands, Diy Hairstyles, Diy Hair Bows, Diy Hair Accessories, Headbands, Sewing Crafts
Felt headband
a stuffed animal cat wearing a red and white dress
Soft Toy Cat Stuffed Fabric Cat Kitty Cat Doll Stuffed | Etsy
Cat Plush ToyStuffed CatKitty Cat DollHandmade Cat by SewnBuddies
an origami snowflake on a blue background
Színes Ötletek - a kézügyes blog
a man is looking at his cell phone while hanging from the ceiling with snowflakes
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a metal light bulb hanging from a wire on a white background with an animal print pattern
this is a lamp It would be a great idea to use lace or doilies as pattern and spray paint for ornaments
a blue and green bowl sitting on top of a white tablecloth with buttons in it
Knoop Button Bowl
Use a bowl or balloon as a template for this pattern and simply glue the buttons to the bowl. Remove when dry.
a wooden crate filled with ornaments and greenery on top of a floor next to a wall
la belle vie
holiday ornaments hanging in a divided crate