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a lego truck is shown on a white background with no people around it and the vehicle has been designed to look like an ambulance
GCPD Truck
This is my own representation of the GCPD Intervention Truck! It's Inspired by the GCPD Truck in Batman the Animated Series and he movie Mask Of the Phantasm.
a toy motorcycle is shown on a white surface
Triumph Rocket III (18)
Triumph Rocket III (18) | Henrik Jensen | Flickr
a yellow and black motorcycle is shown on a gray background with the monkey logo above it
This banana bike is quite apeeling - The Brothers Brick
This banana bike is quite apeeling
two lego motorcycles are shown side by side on a white background, one is blue and the other is black
the lego batman batmobile is shown on a white background, with its wheels facing away from the camera
Lego Batcycle from The Flash Moc
a model of a house on display in front of a fireplace with stairs leading up to the second floor
Spontaneous Dragon | Victorian IV - page 1
a lego model of a white car on a black background
a lego truck with a camper on the back
Pick Up Camper
a toy truck with a camper attached to it
Pick Up Camper