Christmas decorations
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some cookies are sitting on a cutting board
Paw Print Keepsake & Ornament
traditional british christmas pudding on a white plate
Traditional British Christmas Pudding
Traditional British Christmas Pudding is a make-ahead, steamed, fruit filled dessert which is set alight when served. It is beautiful culmination of many British Christmas dinners.
a dessert in a glass with cherries on top
Black Forest Trifle for Christmas-Melissa Delport
christmas turkey, pork and cranberry pie on a table
Cranberry and Turkey Pie
white snowflakes are hanging from a pine tree
Royal Icing Snowflakes by Rose Levy Beranbaum
Royal Icing Snowflakes by Rose Levy Beranbaum
there are many cookies stacked on top of each other with the words christmas cookies below them
Raspberry Almond Shortbread Cookies
1h 40m
an origami star hanging from a christmas tree with instructions to fold it in half
Fold an Origami Star {in 5 simple steps} - It's Always Autumn
a bowl filled with sugared cranberries on top of a checkered table cloth
Sugared Cranberries | Recipe
2h 5m
a white cake with frosting and decorations on top
a white plate topped with pastry next to red flowers
Cream Filled Pizzelles (Trubochki) - Olga in the Kitchen
a gingerbread house shaped cookie box with christmas decorations on the front and sides, sitting on a white surface
Gingerbread Greenhouse - Constellation Inspiration
an orange is sitting on a plate with some cinnamons around it and a candle in the middle
Craft project: 11 low-waste Christmas decorations to make at home
Craft project: 11 low-waste Christmas decorations to make at home - thisNZlife
a fireplace with garland and pine cones on it
56 Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas That Bring the Holiday Magic Home
17 Modern Christmas Decor Ideas