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eastern sword mastery - poses diagram

How to draw a man fighting - samurai - stances - walking - different poses - drawing reference

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Japanese Blade Shapes through the ages chart. >> This is a fascinating chart, especially for a history buff like myself.

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Hamon (from Japanese, literally “blade pattern”) is a visual effect created on the blade by the hardening process. The hamon is the outline of the hardened zone (yakiba) which contains …

sabres et épées - Recherche Google

Types of Japanese swords. Historical types of swords in feudal Japan. Samurai swords: tachi, katana, wakizashi, nodachi and shin gunto swords.

Katana modelo

Katana - While Aikido uses bokkens which simulate a katana, Aikido's sister bushido Iaido does use katanas. I found this diagram useful in learning the parts of a katana / bokken.

draw Tutorials — anatoref: Katana Sword Reference: Top Image Row...

anatoref: “Katana Sword Reference: Top Image Row Left, Right Row (Source: Unknown) Row Left, Right Bottom Image ”

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[IMG] [IMG] This is a project that I am truly excited about Many of you will remember from one of my Blade Show videos featuring my dear.