Whether you are a startup or a global company, if you want to build a digital marketing team you should definitely pay attention to these aspects…

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Mobile is forging ahead, even traditional retail trade is focusing on the online…

How big is the ecommerce market globally? What are the technological and consumer trends? How is ecommerce expected to develop in the near future?

If you are moving around in ecommerce, you probably know a thing or two about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Although the starting point of content consumption is nowadays transforming to social media, most people still search interesting content using search engines.

SEO for eCommerce – The Beginners Guide to Keyword Research

In this article, we take a closer look at how a website’s bounce rate increases. (This number shows the percentage of the visitors who leave the site without any activity and do not count as conversions.) We show you how to deal with the issues that might occur and explain why it is important to optimize the website (primarily the landing page).

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When choosing an ecommerce platform for a large product catalog, merchants naturally want to be sure whether Magento is the right choice for them, so the question arises: How many products can Magento actually manage? It is hard to give a general answer but it is definitely possible to provide some practical guidelines.

How many products the different versions of Magento can manage easily by default? What difference can hosting and optimizations make? Let’s see the details!

2017 is bringing exciting changes in eCommerce trends. Take a look at them now!

2017 is bringing exciting changes in eCommerce trends.

If you want to develop Magento eCommerce system, you should hire only the best…

If you want to develop Magento eCommerce system, you should hire only the best professionals, the best companies. But how do you find them?

Hire a Magento ecommerce agency? Hire a freelancer? Click to find out which is…

If you’re considering hiring Magento developers, Magento freelancers, it may be hard to find the best ones for your project.