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a crocheted chick with a hat and other items to make it look like they are wearing hats
🐥Pollito vaquero para llavero, FACIL y perfecto para principiantes 🐥🩷
a crocheted brooch with a pink bow on it's head and eyes
Mini Amigurumi Sun Crochet Pattern
crochet teddy bear finger puppets are displayed on a computer keyboard and in front of a laptop
How to Crochet Tooth Bear 🧸🦷 Crochet Valentine’s Keychain l Amigurumi for Beginners l Monua DIY
a hand holding a crocheted sunflower doll in front of a curtain with the words sunflower doll crochet part 2
Little sunflower crochet (2/2) | Amigurumi mini flower | Crochet mini doll
a hand holding a crochet sunflower doll
Little Sunflower Crochet (1/2) | Amigurumi mini flower | crochet mini doll
three crocheted hats are sitting on a wooden surface, one has a sun and the other is a rainbow
Sunshine – Free Crochet Pattern ‣ The Crafty Therapist
a crocheted brooch with a rainbow in the middle and clouds on it
Rainbow Applique
By Janet Carrillo "damn it Janet, let's crochet!" Ideas on how to use these appliques... *These would be great to apply to any project. ...
a small rainbow crochet brooch sitting in someone's hand with the text, mini rainbow free crochet pattern
Mini Rainbow Crochet Pattern
Super quick and easy mini rainbow pattern (less than 30 minutes!). Great for keychains, bag charms, brooches, magnets or garlands. Beginner friendly pattern.
a crocheted sun motif is shown on a gray surface with a purple knitting needle
Coole Sonne
Coole Sonne
Crochet Sun Keychain (V604)
CROCHET KEYCHAIN : Crochet Amigurumi Sun & Star Keychain | Mini Sun & Star Crochet 🌞⭐ Support my channel with your likes and comments. Thanks! 🥰💖
someone holding up a crocheted rainbow on the beach with text overlay that reads, amigurum pattern rainbow
Rainbow Amigurumi: Free Pattern
Rainbow Amigurumi: Free Pattern |
crocheted rainbow amigurum is shown with the instructions to make it
Crochet Rainbow Amigurumi -- in 2 Sizes! -- FREE
Ready to make a rainbow? Learn how to crochet a rainbow Amigurumi with this free pattern in 2 sizes! Depending on the yarn and hook you use, the size of the large rainbow Amigurumi will be somewhere between 3.5″ (9 cm) and 5.7″ (12 cm), making it perfect for cute wall-hanging decorations, stuffed toys, baby mobiles, and much more. On the other hand, the small rainbow Amigurumi is between 2″ (5.2 cm) and 2.8″ (7.2 cm) so it is ideal for making small keychains, backpack charms, stroller toy chains, pacifier clips, etc.
a small crocheted brooch with a pink bow on it's head
Mini Amigurumi Sun Crochet Pattern
DIY Amigurumi Stand (IKEA Hack)
someone is crocheting some little yellow smiley faces