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a brown and white pitbull dog sitting on top of a blue couch with its tongue out
5 interesting facts about Pit-bulls | Fact#03
Bully love - nothing like it I Love Dogs, Mans Best Friend, Google, Pit Bull Love
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Bully love - nothing like it
a black and white dog with a chain on it's neck is holding a flower in its mouth
imgfave - Amazing and inspiring images
a man holding a small dog on his arm with it's paw hanging out
Look at his smile! So happy.
a black and white photo of a puppy
Happy New Year, says Paco!
You had me at woof.......
a close up of a dog's face with its tongue hanging out and looking at the camera
No further comment by Elke Vogelsang / 500px
Cute dog
a brown and white dog standing next to a window
Harvey the Boxer
Boxer ~ There's just something about these dogs. Wonderful.
an abstract painting with multiple layers of different colors and sizes, including one in the middle
Harlow e Sage: dois bons amigos -