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A Restorative Yoga Therapy for Breast Health and Breast Cancer Recovery

Breast Cancer Authority on breast cancer health, wellness and recovery through personal shares, complementary therapies, gardening and much more.

It's time to start speaking up and create change within the ‪#‎Lymphedema‬ community. I changed the way I managed my lymphedema and now my condition has improved. I feel empowered and I want to share this information with others. Read my response ( to Lymphedema Guru's blog post "The Role of Compression Garments in the Treatment of Lymphedema" ~ Sue #breastcancersurvivor #compressiongarments #compression #solidea #solidearocks #secondarylymphedema

I come to lymphedema from the perspective of a cancer survivor who developed lymphedema as a result of surgical trauma to my lymphatic system.

How To Do Arm Lymphedema Exercises: Shoulder Flexion - Standing Exercise

At Burch Physical Therapy, we offer patients: A certified Lymphedema therapist with significant experience and advanced training in manual therapy.

Solidea Advanced Micro Massage Seamless Abdominal Compression Band

The Solidea Advanced Micro Massage Seamless Abdominal Compression Band combines comfort and science in a slimming, comfortable 15 mmHg compression waist-band. Wave Massaging Knit whittles away inches, firms, tones and energizes you.

Lymphedema and Cancer Treatment -- Sloan-Kettering

The function of lymph nodes is to help to drain fluids and fight infection. The more lymph nodes removed, the higher the risk of lymphedema.

Daily Strength: Lymphedema Support Group

Explore DailyStrength's Lymphedema support groups and meet others who are facing Lymphedema related issues.

SOLIDEA Silver Wave | EASY ON & Comfy Compression Legging!

This massage action with you to rid your body of excess fluid by boosting micro in the endless network of lymphatic and venous capillaries just beneath your skin.