Portfolio garden 2 - Arne Maynard Garden Design

The rejuvenation of a garden A century farmhouse in Devon Portfolio garden 2 - Arne Maynard Garden Design

Garden Inspiration: Arne Maynard

Garden Inspiration: Arne Maynard

Formal Topiary Country Beautiful roses, pyramid topiaries, boxed hedges, lavender, and alliums! Renovated garden for an old mill house by the river Cherwell - Arne Maynard Garden Design

Journal - Arne Maynard Garden Design

willow hurdles at Arne Maynard's garden in Wales. Great mix of nature/cultivated. Wonderful use of natural materials. Hazel hurdle fences great and cheap alternative to walled garden.

Spectacular Fall Topiary - England | Content in a Cottage

Using species from the surrounding landscape but formalising them around the house. Arne Maynard, garden in Wales

A 17th century farmhouse in Devon, an Arne Maynard garden design

That gate! Renovated garden at a century farmhouse in Devon - Arne Maynard Garden Design