Lovely courtyard in Córdoba, Spain

Patio típico de Córdoba ~ Annual Patio Festival in Spain. Private homes open their courtyards to the public for 2 weeks in May.

La Fiesta de Los Patios de Cordoba,, Spain, May, 2013

Geraniums are the star in the world cultural event in Cordoba, Spain.

Blooming Cordoba, Andalucía, Spain.

Blooming Cordoba, Andalucía, Spain. have many areas using climbing flowers in my various gardens.

Festival de los patios cordobeses.

Blue framed window surrounded by pots of flowers, a large bouganvillia and a singer sewing machine stand.

gravel outside patio / arch digest

With new guests coming in and out of Camellas-Lloret all the time, alfresco community dinners in the courtyard help everyone feel welcome. When Annie and Colin Moore restored their medieval home in small-town southern France, they knew they'd eventually w