Make your own one-of-a-kind #centerpiece with pumpkins and vines of bittersweet. More creative fall centerpieces:

Creative Fall Centerpieces Featuring Natural Elements

Check Out 33 Pumpkin Centerpieces For Fall With Halloween Table. Pumpkin is a perfect thing to decorate your fall table – no matter if it’s a usual dinner, a Halloween party or a Thanksgiving table.

Use a weathered board as a base for Fall produce and candles

30 Natural Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Bring a rustic look to your Thanksgiving table with this centerpiece idea built off a piece of wood or weathered lumber. You'll add in clusters of grapes along with candles of various size to create a real mixed media centerpiece.

Fall centerpiece of pears and greenery

Creative Fall Decorating Ideas

Wishing to create a natural Fall tablescape? Gather some pear branches, fresh pears, and make this easy garland centerpiece :)