A gathering of Monarch butterflies :: Monarch's have an amazing life cycle!

.Every time I see a butterfly, in my mind and spirit, it's my MOTHER visiting me. I hope to have my bank covered in butterfly bushes by next year! So I can have more and more!

Spectacular and Beautiful Examples of Butterfly Photography

My favorite color is blue. Seen here will be art work and photographs containing the color BLUE. Some of the images in this site may images nudity.

Monarch butterflies on tree tru.  Michoacan, Mexico

Monarch butterflies on tree trunk, Danaus plexippus, Michoacan, Mexico. Monarch butterflies hibernate at the oyamel forest in Piedra Herrada sanctuary in Temascaltepec, Mexico. Monarch butterflies every year return to these temperate woods.


Licénido by Pepi Martin~Looks like he's kickin it on a fuzzy green lollipop~LOL~(:

butterflies...you know what comes next ;)

In my imaginary purple garden.it would be only natural to see these beautiful purple butterflies living here - blending in with all the purple flowers.

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