Budapest or some forest. / I'm a dreamplementer.
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Female Arcane Trickster. As if regular rogues weren't dangerous and unpredictable enough. Elfrida Eastmark

Illusionist Spell, Pass Through. The Illusionist fears no locks or closed doors. Using its arcane abilities to etherealise him- or herself, they can pass through any doors. Doesnt work on doors protected with an Arcane Lock or a Magic Ward, will trigger A

Number 2 of 11 character commissions for fantasy author Karen Chance. It is one of her characters - from the 'Cassandra Palmer Series' - John Pritkin, depicted here at his current age and being a m...

John Pritkin is from the Cassandra Palmer series. He was a war mage--a member of the supernatural community's police force--with a specialization in demon killing

Magia potagia! :P

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