Mazes, Free Printables, Easy to Hard

Printable Mazes for Kids- This is pretty sweet! This would be fun to put in sheet protectors and use dry erase markers.

Lego Photo birthday party invitations | LEGO Birthday Party Ideas  Instructions - Invitations, Cake, Favors ...

How To Have A LEGO Birthday Party For Under $100

Banners 1, Lego, Party Decorations - Free Printable

can you chck tbis out and see if its something we should print Banners Lego, Party Decorations - Free Printable

party game. Suck a lego and move it onto a plate.  The person with the most on their plate in 2 minutes wins!!  Cute party game.

Lego Birthday Party Games - suck a Lego onto a plate, timed for 2 minutes, whoever got the most Legos on their plate using only a straw wins.

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