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That would be so funny!<<<would be? WOULD be? It's obviously not true. It was so Paul blofis

(In headcanon sense). Sally Jackson wrote the Percy Jackson series under the pen name 'Rick Riordan'. Because she didn't want to endanger Percy, she had her husband, Paul Blofis, promote the book as Rick Riordan.

Leo Valdez :D this is so accurate Leo would so make a spoon hat. And then he'd go battle some monsters in it while making smart aleck comment about they're never gonna have a hat as cool as his.

Always Judge A Book By Its Cover Neverrrrr judge a book by ots movie neverrr

I normally try and cut a movie a lot of slack. I try and read books before watching the movies because the books are better. But changing the story line of a book is not cool. BUT I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THESE MOVIES <- Most perfect thing I have ever seen!