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F-22 Raptor 8 by driko, via Flickr

I've seen one of these in person. Raptor - (Note the Vector Paddle angle in afterburner to the angle of the Raptor. That vectored thrust enables extreme angle of attack)

F-22 Raptor

F 22 Raptor. Am I the only one who has the soundtrack of Top Gun playing in her head while looking at this pic? Every time I see any kind of fighter, I always think of that movie. CHAIR FORCE MY ASS.

F-15 Eagle In A Ballistic Climb-Out

Aviation Jet - Strike Eagle - title Touching the clouds - by Neil O'Connell on

F&O Fabforgottennobility

The SEPECAT Jaguar is an Anglo-French jet ground attack aircraft, originally used by the British Royal Air Force and the French Armée de l'Air in the close air support and nuclear strike role.


A USAF McDonnell-Douglas Strike Eagle turns and burns, leaving a vapor trail as it pulls G's in its turn. Photograph by AirTeam Canon on