This girl is on fire!  Good. Let her burn.

Grumpy Cat - Girl is on Fire! - Burn Baby Burn: This girl is on fire! Good let her burn. Grumpy cat would like to burn down the entire world especially entertai

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Grumpy cat is a popular internet meme and we have 40 funny grumpy cat memes that you will find funny.

- Hey What's your address?  +  - No man. You local address…

- Hey What’s your address? You local address. + - Oh you geeky nerd! I mean your physical address.

The Problem About Being A Programmer [Pic]

The Problem About Being A Programmer [Pic]

My mom said: "Honey, please go to the market and buy 1 bottle of milk. If they have eggs, bring I came back with 6 bottles of milk. She said: "Why the hell did you buy 6 bottles of milk?" I said: "BECAUSE THEY HAD EGGS!