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White French Tip Polka Dot Pedi nails nailart
I am not much for doing my nails, but this is really cute and want to get my nails done like this!
Jessica GELeration Bellini Baby with multi-coloured speckles. Created by Sophia, The Beauty Box.
Polished Pinkies Utah: if turquoise and coral get married... I would definitely imagine these nails as the outcome! Love this simple polka dot nail art and the colors are to die for! Perfect for spring or summer or even for a pop of color in the winter! Shellac, full set, gel nails.
Spring Nail Art Ideas | 29secrets
Revlon - Minted, China Glaze - Silver Lining and Color Club - Platinum Record
Instagram media by dndang #nail #nails #nailart
Pink French Nails
Gel Nails/ Light Elegance: perfct white French, neon pink and black gel paint nail art