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Not just amused, but literally cackling. @Elizabeth Brush can testify.

Leo is so nawwwww such a kitty and N "best monent of my life" hahaha so good

2. This. is. so. freaking. cute...!

^_^ I once replied this way to my English teacher when she called on me to read haha

LOL!! Hongbin's face of disapproval strikes again <3 Hongbin and Hyuk #VIXX

he goes from cute to kill mode in seconds because hyuk pinched his cheek xD love hongbin so much ^^

Hongbin and Kyungsoo (EXO) [Dream Concert 2014] and super Leo (VIXX)

Hongbin and Kyungsoo (EXO) [Dream Concert and super Leo (VIXX) / Omg Leo did Baekhyun so wrong Kyungsoo is adorable