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Help me pass nursing school. Ask me anything – Information for nursing student and new nurses from the Dean of a nursing program in Texas with 30 years of nursing experience

Mnemonic for heart sounds

nursing notes 5 AREAS FOR LISTENING TO THE HEART & People Enjoy Time Magazine& is the mnemonic I was taught to remember the points of auscultation of the heart. All = Aortic People = Pulmonic Enjoy = Erb’s Point Time = Tricuspid Magazine = Mitral

ABG nursing | ABG interpretation | pH PCO2 HCO3 | ABGs

ABG nursing | ABG interpretation | pH PCO2 HCO3 | ABGs

mynotes4usmle: SPINAL CORD LESIONS

Please, keep in mind that my charts may have mistakes. I share them with all the best intentions in the world, but PLEASE don’t trust them Always assume that.