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Demon summoning by Fesbraa Check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips and tools for your game!

The picture& called Demon Summoning, but this could just as easily be a balrog. I imagine them more like this at any rate.

While scrolling, this image captured my attention because it includes both photography and illustration. It shows a liquid splashing and pouring of someone's hand. This picture has very little color. Even though it is very simple it is also very intriguin

I like how drawing and photography was used at the same time. Although this was tried a lot of times, the fact that both types (photography and pencil drawing) can be used helps widen the possibilities for a design.

Immersed in Her presence... we lose ourselves in the Ocean of being consciousness Bliss. - Art by Wojtek Siudmak

Cosmic Egg - A world egg or cosmic egg is a mythological motif found in the creation myths of many cultures, artist: Siudmak Matter

Future tattoo?

Shadowshow on Behance Though this is a great art piece, I am so sad. Who would think of killing a dog like that?

With just one week until the opening reception, Cat Art Show LA The Sequel continues to add to its already impressive roster of artists.


“Weight of Love ” Music is super important to me, so it was really nice working on this and learning a lot about drawing instruments.