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the instructions to make an origami mask with scissors and glue on top of it
this is a collage of pictures with dolphins and mermaids on them, including the dolphin
La sirenetta
Nel sito di Fantavolando trovate tantissime attività, schede, storie e poesie per i bambini della scuola dell'infanzia e della scuola primaria #fantavolando #sirenetta #summercrafts #estate #mare
a drawing of two dolphins and a girl in the water with their hands on each other's head
an image of a fish in the ocean with its mouth open and tongue out, cut out
krokotak | Spiral Mermaid Art Kits For Kids, Mermaid Crafts, Easy Arts And Crafts, Ocean Kids, Kids Art Projects, Art For Kids, K Crafts, Art Kits
Spiral Mermaid
krokotak | Spiral Mermaid
a drawing of a mermaid sitting on top of a rock with the words dancing mermaid below it
Dancing Mermaid
some paper cut outs that have been made to look like mermaids
Kids Eating Watermelon