Esto es totalmente mentira. Lo pongo en memes peroyo hubiera hecho lo que los chicos; comer pizza

XD me acuerdo de este capítulo/ XD I remember this chapter

Jajajajaja qué buena... #Spanish jokes for kids #chistes para niños #Jokes in Spanish for kids

Spanish jokes for kids. Also a good way to see the direct object in action.

Ajajajaj...a kis huncut

Na így próbálja meg egy rendőr kérdezgetni ezt a kisfiut.

hungarian language

My language is fucked up. but sometimes we also say kamera instead of fényképezőgép😅

Moonsilver tattoos which cover her entire body.

Ooooh, I've never seen white henna before. Makes me want to go to an Indian wedding. I love the white henna, it is really original and intricate, it also stands out against the tan skin. Maybe I should get some white henna