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Hello Fresh Dwellers!

The mom and crush should be switched, bc mother in laws are usually the mean looking ones.

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I can't stop laughing at this---except tho,i llok more like his gf but the eyes is ofc a little bit diff.with the attitude of the mom mixed with his sister

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23376131_1496162897146382_3215323596687431653_n.jpg (439×608)

23376131_1496162897146382_3215323596687431653_n.jpg (439×608)

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22894280_1488477871248218_1813729403217133691_n.jpg (720×900)


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Read Blue Food from the story Pjo and Hoo Memes and Headcannons by braingirlhere (Aubri) with 67 reads. pjo, heroesofolympus, First meme, headcann.

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