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Locks of Love, Pecs, Hungary. The famous lock fence of Pécs in Hungary, where the practice is thought to have begun, in Europe at least, back in the 1980s. Area officials were quickly forced to designate this particular spot ‘love lock friendly’ in a bid to curb the rampant placement of lock in other areas when the trend took off.

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Pécs - Hungary - The Academic Science Building

Pécs - Hungary - The Academic Science Building

Pécs, Hungary

Pécs - A Dómnál

Kerekes Zsuzsa fotóblogja jól megváltozott :o) :) Az első kép szinte kötelező feladat, a két utolsó viszont nagyon hatásos a tükröződésekkel! Megjegyzés küldése

Pécs Hungary  I want to go back there SO badly!!

Pecs Hungary

Pécs is the fifth largest city of Hungary, located on the slopes of the Mecsek mountains in the south-west of the country, close to its border with Croatia. ...