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Snape Figurine
Snape Figurine Love him or hate him, Professor Snape has an important role to play in the Harry Potter saga! Severus Snape stands tall in this fantastic figurine, clad in his typical black teaching robes. The potions professor is accompanied by a cauldron full of who-knows-what, and he's got a haughty, disdainful expression on his face. A fantastic addition to the collection of any Harry Potter fan! Size: 7.5 in H Material: Resin, Calcium CarbonateItem# 6005065
the collage has many different things on it including an image of harry potter and other items
The Half-Blood Prince
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Alan Rickman
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Alan Rickman
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a close up of a person wearing a suit and tie with trees in the background
deb ♡s vi & ani on Twitter
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Hans Gruber
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Alan Rickman_Stage door, John Gabriel Borkman, January 2011
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