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a wreath made out of book pages with the word blessing written on it, hanging on a wall
Party Frosting
Angel wing wreath from book pages -- beautiful
an open book with some paper flowers on top of it and another photo of the same book
Paper flower bookmark
Looks easy and simple also it adds a nice fresh pop to a book
someone is holding up a piece of paper that has been cut into cubes
How to Make Pop Ups: The Basic Mechanisms
How to make pop up cards. Lessons to help you learn the basic mechanisms of pop up card construction. The best books about making all kinds of pop up cards and pop up books, sliceforms, mechanical cards, and origamic architecture pop ups.
three wicker baskets sitting on top of each other next to a potted plant
Плетение из газет
Людмила Томилова: Плетение из газет | Постила
the pop up card cut - out to help your little make for their mom or dad
DIY Valentine's Day Gifts & Other Fun!
I Love U Cutout Card - FREE Template #MothersDay #preschool #kidscrafts (pinned by Super Simple Songs)
a person is using a blue marker to paint a piece of art
Texture with tissue paper
different types of food are being prepared on the table
Home - Ceramic Forms
Michelle Maher's stoneware (cone 8) paper clay recipe inspired by Henry Pim's demo at International Ceramics Festival 2005. 2 parts crank clay body : 1 part paper pulp (I use 3 ply toilet roll) + 1 ml pure tea tree oil for each toilet roll used - slows down rotting! I get up to 6 months from a batch. I've been using this recipe for 10 yrs, firing to 1260 C and it's a fantastic clay body - very plastic, light, glazes well - but you must VENTILATE YOUR KILN CORRECTLY!!