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You Cannot Expect A Positive Life From Negative Thoughts. Keep Thoughts Positive & Life Automatically Becomes Positive.

better things.

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Better things and better days are coming. They're coming sooner then you , me or oneself think.everyday is a better day that brings beter things for all who await. I approve this quote, because of better things and better days ahead ++ amen ++

Don't be scared to be alone, goals are personal.#motivation

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Don't Be Scared To Be Alone Remember that goals are personal. People will never understand why you're doing it.

just breathe.

The hearth and the Salamander can also mean happiness and if Montag chose to be happy or not. The two things in his life his home and his work. Did it really make him happy. He chose happiness over this home and his work by reading the books.

You were born to be unique...not perfect.

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