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a woman standing on top of a red rug in front of a living room filled with furniture
Save Space and Money With This DIY Murphy Bed
a bedroom with a bed, desk and shelves on the wall next to each other
✨ Sunday Inspiration | I am impressed by the elegance of this bedroom with a funcional and clean working area included. Love it!! • •…
a living room filled with furniture next to a large glass window covered in light brown bookshelves
Industrial Decor & Furniture
a white couch sitting in front of a book shelf filled with drawers and cabinets next to a closet
Изящная шкаф кровать, созданная в одном стиле с мебелью в комнате. Согласитесь, приятная обстановка. И хочется, чтобы такая красота была у себя? Тогда сделаем так: Для заказа мебели: а) выберете фото из нашей группы/сайта mt100.ru , а также можете найти фото на просторах интернета сами. б) пришлите нам заявку с размерами и фото на нашу почту 100metra@gmail.com в) через некоторое время мы обработаем вашу заявку и ответим вам подробно в письме с примерами и ценами по повашему проекту.
a living room with a couch, bookshelf and bookcases on the wall
Murphy bed - superb shelf design. #”murphybedideas”
there are two pictures of a bedroom with built - in closets and a bed
Boutique Full Wall Bed with Two Storage Units in White
Perfect for the guest room or any place where space is at a premium, this full size wall bed provides a sleeping area without taking up valuable living space. Simply fold up the bed when not in use to reclaim living area.
a large bed sitting in a bedroom on top of a hard wood floor
maya modern bedroom
Maya Modern Bedroom - 3D Model
a bed sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a window
It's football desgin beauty fully yes or no??