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two women are sitting in a shopping cart
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two women with their arms in the shape of a heart, standing on a road
A pequena história de Lívia
Aqui conto a jornada de uma garota de 15 anos,bem vou contar sua história começando pelos primeiros anos de vida,ou seja,quando ela ainda estava sendo gerada,a...
Best Friends, Friends, Love You Very Much, Frases
three girls with long hair are looking at each other and one has her back to the camera
four people standing in a circle wearing white tennis shoes
two girls are standing in the water making a heart shape with their hands at sunset
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two women standing in the woods with their backs to each other, facing away from the camera
Forest of Flowers in Belgium - Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup Clark
Amber Fillerup, Barefoot Blonde. Beste Freundinnen Foto Shooting Fotografie Inspiration Moodboard BFF Ideen