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Bad Morning – by yuumei (Wenqing Yan) “The tedious process of combing out bedhead each morning… Who else feels this pain?” View Original Source Here

I’ve been super busy working with the new team and preparing all the models for making Knite and Fisheye Placebo. I haven’t had time to draw at all these days. Here’s an old commission I did last year for a client. I’ll have new art to post hopefully.

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Anime picture with original yuumei single wide image sitting barefoot bent knee (knees) bare legs from above indoors submerged knees touching floor head out of frame soaking feet overflow girl dress water blood

yuumei-art: “I’m still working on making the video tutorial for the last drawing, but in the mean time, more sky turtles! I can dream.

The BP Gulf of Mexico oil Spill still gushing US gallons of crude oil every day even after 40 days since the initial explosion on April .

Simulations and Simulacra.

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Freckles are like sprinkles of stars~ 1 hour speed paint I did with the intention of recording the process, but after I finished drawing, I realized that OBS had glitched and didn’t record anything orz Oh well, back to drawing Fisheye for meeeee~

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