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traditional Babywearing

My first ever babywearing experience was in Tanzania, when i was at an orphanage. Wearing a little boy just like this

Babywearing safety checklist

Babywearing safety checklist from Babywearing International. How to use a baby carrier safely with the ABC's of babywearing.

Babywearing infographic

Cloth reusable non disposable modern nappies infographic - Benefits of babywearing in a sling / baby carrier infographic

Babywearing Demystified

benefits of babywearing (plus you get to cuddle ; My wrists hurt after a day I've carried my daughter a lot versus no pain when I wear her!

benefits of babywearing

Baby wearing - Benefits of babywearing in a sling / baby carrier info graphic (though I think the stat at the bottom is kinda funny and doesn't really help with the babywearing case much.